Friday, October 30, 2009

Rain Cycle

I've been a terrible blogger. 

I have a two theories as to why:
  • Rain.  All it has done is RAIN RAIN RAIN for the past, like, year.  And what would this blog be if I didn't fill up this infinite web space with complaints about the weather??
    • The cursed RAIN causes the vicious internal cycle outlined below:
      • It rains and I feel lazy.
      • I do nothing productive around the house.
      • I recognize this unproductiveness and get sad.
      • I do not blog because I have nothing to talk about.
      • I get sad because I haven't blogged.
      • I remember I haven't blogged because I'm a sloth and haven't done anything.
      • It rains some more and I still feel lazy.
  • I'm boring.
So there you have it. 

But I've been cooking up a few things to write about, and it's been sunny for like, 36 hours now or so, so there's hope.

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