Saturday, October 31, 2009

Nerd in Disguise

Happy Halloween!!

Last year I shared my witch costume from college - and that was the last time I dressed up :(  Don't know if I will this year, but I'm reminded of Halloweens past..

Thanks to my crafty momma, I used to have AWESOME costumes growing up.  None of those store-bought movie characters for me!  (Also, I was a huge dork).  My parents wouldn't let us be anything that wasn't creative (ha) and our costumes usually involved sewing or hotgluing or some kind of shenanigans to pull together.

I wish I had more pics, but these are the only ones I have scanned.  The other photos are trapped in a messy cabinet at my parents' house  print-purgatory where old photos go to die ...poor little guys...

(I was the biker babe first, but it was such a hit, Cait had to try it too!  She could pull off angry waaay better than I could!  And can you believe that little hippy or gypsy or whatever the hell she was is going to be a momma soon?? I can't.)

Those aren't so bad.  Kinda cute (if not a tad stereotypical - but hey, it was the 80s).  But this one solidifies the nerdiness:

I'm a koala - for those not up on your marsupial knowledge.  That was my favorite animal for FOREVER.  I had a koala wallpaper border.  I had koala fact books.  I had a whole gaggle of stuffed koalas. 
And I had a fur suit complete with fur head.

See those giant purple glasses?  The koala nose (the essential part that distinguished me as a cute koala instead of a wild thing) actually hooked onto the nose part of the glasses.  Total dork.  

But my mom made it, and it meant something.  And I freaking loved it - coolest costume ever. 


  1. umm- awesome. I love the koala. I always had a special place in my heart for those mean little guys too.

  2. hahaha I'm trying to hold back my laugh. I remember the koala!! And your green and white striped room with koala border (aka ms. Claire's evil classroom) :)


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