Thursday, September 2, 2010


I've been thinking a lot about this lately.  

Time - having too little of it, having too much of it, regretting it, wishing for it, making it count, wasting it....

Time really does play a huge part in our lives.  Of course this is nothing new.  People have forever been trying to figure out what it all means and how to make the most of it.

One thing I do - and don't want to keep doing - is wishing time away.  I spend the weekdays wishing for the weekend.  I spend Monday wishing it was Tuesday.  I spend 3 pm wishing it was 5.

Before you know it - it is 5.  It is the weekend.  It's Sunday night.  It's the next week.  The cycle starts again.

And all of that time spent wishing time away isn't a very positive way to use the time you have - in a day, in a lifetime...

Sure, it's great to look forward to something.  But for me, this wishing away always leaves me feeling dissatisfied.  Always wanting more, and always a little disappointed.  Not in anything in particular - but just the feeling like I was expecting something that I never received. 

And I do not want to feel like this.

Each moment is special, even the long, boring, dull moments.  If anything, they exist simply to make the amazing moments that much more special.  Life is meant to be fully lived, not by dwelling in the past or longing for the future. 

Not to say there aren't times that just suck.  Or that one shouldn't look forward to a goal.  Or dream.

In line with my new (trying!) philosophy of thriving instead of surviving - I want to stop wishing away my hours and days.  Ultimately, those hours and days are all we have.  I don't want to waste them fruitlessly wanting more.  I want to enjoy, or at least, be present for, every moment of every day.  I want to do things in their due time, but I don't want to keep pushing things off to the future.  I want to (yes, as Caesar Milan says) "live in the now!"

I want to be present for this life.  Make it my own.  Truly live it.  


  1. I do this too and I always try to remind myself that I should be enjoying the NOW. Especially with the little guy - I say things like, "Man I can't wait to take him to the Smithsonian when he's older!" Then I realize that I like him just fine all chubby and little.

  2. Amen! I always wish for a fast forward button at work and a slow mo button for the weekend. It's so hard to remember that life really is short and we only have a number of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes assigned to us. I love your positive attitude! You always seem like such an upbeat, happy person. I think I'm going to follow your lead!

  3. So true (both posts) and it's such an important way to live and BE. One thing that's really helped me (us) is from the book, "New Earth" where he says that your purpose is to 'do what you are doing at the present moment.' In other words, if you're wrapping a present, or washing the dishes... THAT is your purpose. Of course he elaborates on it in greater depth, but that book and that specific message was entirely life changing. Not one of those things where you're changed for like- a day:). But truly changed- the way I think, how I spend my time, how I feel, etc.

    2 little side-notes...
    1) I love your new picture.
    2) Ryan was sitting by me when I read this last night (too tired to comment then:) and he read it as well. He said, "She's a *good writer!" [BTW, he's not a typical complimenter:)]. Just thought I'd share...

  4. You are such a fabulous writer. I can't wait to read the books, articles, novels you publish!

    And you couldn't be more right about living in the now. Life is so short. I find myself constantly wondering about the future and wasting away the present. You hit it exactly right by saying we should even enjoy every dull, boring moment!

  5. I relate to this post so much. I find myself wishing for time to go by, then I marvel at how fast it has gone. I'm inspired.

  6. This is so true Claire. Gosh I swear i do the surviving thing all the time and need to learn more to live like I'm thriving!! Great post!!


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