Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Projects #3

This one was absolutely free!  

I decided our artwork needed a little festivity, so taking MAJOR inspiration from Suzonne at Urban Comfort, I turned a nice framed wedding photo into a scary skull.  Tony tried to block me from putting it up because it scared him.  I enjoy scaring him, among other mean things, so I put it up anyway. 

I took the skull image from The Graphics Fairy, and since I had no good scrapbook paper, I just printed it on newsprint (full disclosure: I printed it on the rival newspaper of the one my column runs in!).  

I glued it to the only relevant color of paper I had (ornj - as we say here in Georgia), and it was just a little too stark.

So I took a piece of burlap and laid it over the paper, spray painting over it with flat black.  This added a little color without adding too much.  Instant spookification. 

My next little art project was taking a Wordle made from a "fall" story (called The Anxious Leaf - how cute!)  and sticking it in a frame.  Very complex and rigorous process folks - I would advise you to take care when trying this at home.  I spent four seconds framing it, and I'm pretty sure it shows...

This is an awesome card my mom sent us last year - saved for instant decor! 

There you have it - a few little Halloween tweaks that were F.R.E.E.  

I'm currently obsessed with both The Graphics Fairy and Vintage Printable.  Both are awesome sources for fun, free art.  I never know how private usage of images found on my bff Google really works, so it's nice to know you can go here and not worry.  Yay for the Internet! 

Here's some fun ones I have found and have big plans for:


  1. I love that card and the Wordle! I've never decorated for Halloween, but now I want to!

  2. I LOVE what you did with the skull! It never occurred to me to print it on newspaper, but I really like the effect of it - which has in turn inspired me, and now I have to think of fun things to print on newspaper because it's awesome!

  3. You rock!! I am so inspired (yet not confident that I will do anything about it). :)

  4. Okay, now I'm really impressed. I've heard of graphics fairy and vintage printable, and have them bookmarked, but have yet to *use them for any online or offline projects. I LOVE using FREE resources for projects... and this is very creative (even if you were "majorly inspired")! I have 2 ?'s:

    1) Did you use poster-board?
    2) What spray paint do you recommend (not just for this project, but for other DIY projects)... since you're the spray paint queen, in my book?

    I'm saving this post to do both of these projects this weekend!... and thanks for introducing me to Wordle- LOVE IT!

  5. thanks guys!

    torrie - i used this piece of thicker scrapbook paper i had - it's probably the same thickness as poster, but doesn't have that sheen...
    also - i use all kinds (whatever is cheap!) i usually have cans of the $.99 kind of white and black for priming and for projects like this where it doesn't matter. otherwise, i use the kind from walmart (krylon i think?) and that has always worked good enough for me!


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