Monday, December 20, 2010

Chocolate-Dipped Ritz Filled With Nutella!

 Last year I shared a delicious (and super simple) dessert for the holidays.  So delicious, in fact, it needs re-sharing.

Basically you take Ritz crackers (the holiday snowflake shape ones are fun, if you can find them!) and fill them with peanut butter to make little sandwiches.  Our new discovery this year was fill them with Nutella instead - amazing!  

Next melt chocolate chips in a double boiler contraption (or a pot and ceramic bowl, if you're me...) and dip the sandwiches in, laying on wax paper to cool.  I dip some fully, some halfway, etc.  Then sprinkle with sugar for extra calories fun!  Freeze them for a bit and they are nice and solid! So delicious - and would be so easy to make in large quantities and share!  And really, the possibilities are endless - white chocolate, butterscotch, other toppings, etc.  Enjoy! 


  1. I'll take two dozen of these babies. Just ship them right to my house. :)

    But really...nutella and chocolate is a fantastic idea. We're trying to "bake" a few goods for christmas day, and I think I'll be bringing these...since I don't do anything that's really considered baking. :)

  2. yes please, I will take a bag as well.

    ommm nom nom.


  3. Oh my goodness I almost drooled on my keyboard... :)

  4. While you're boxing them up for Beth and LB, please feel free to add a box for me. Me and Nutella get along reeeeeal well. I love spreading it on something then licking it off the knife as not to waste any. Classy, eh?

    Wait. I'm still waiting on Tony's pumpkin choco chip cookies aren't I? I suppose you'll just have to send a large box of deliciousness my way :)

    And your comment about printing out baby Gabe had me cracking up. I love it! You probably don't stalk my comments but someone else said they were thinking of doing the same. ha! You crazy kids.


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