Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Table

Here's a little background:  My mom, lacking the same frenetic sentimentality I have, always had every trace that Christmas existed in our house erased by the time I woke up on the 26th.  Tree and everything.  As a result, I have always insisted on leaving my decorations up until at least New Years, sometimes longer (although, I draw the line at anything post-January, don't worry!). It takes so much effort to put up, why not make it last a little longer??

This year was different.  I feel like the holidays came and went so fast, while our tree decided to drop needles at record speed.  The result?  I took down Christmas.  On the 28th (the horror!).

It's a sigh of relief, to be honest.  I'm ready to clean up and de-clutter and move on to next year.  I'm ready for it!

So since it's usually practically spring when I have to replace my Christmas decor with something else, I had to be creative with my table.  So I decided to go with a New Years theme, using, of course, what I had around the house - and a few new things I got as gifts (the candlesticks from Ikea and the cake plate).

Not the best centerpiece ever... but it does the trick!

If I were having a party (which, I'm not, go figure) I would serve cocktails and tapas.  (And the books were appropriately colored in silver and purple!)

Isn't the cake stand beautiful??

No New Years is complete without a disco ball or three!

A little sparkle for the cold winter
What do you all decorate with during this limbo time between Christmas and spring? Do tell! 


  1. My "Christmas" table setting isn't really very Christmasy--it's blue and silver, along with some I usually just leave it up until spring. Sometimes, I only swap out the pinecones for something more appropriate for the season, but leave everything else the same.

  2. It's so festive! Love the disco balls. Totally makes me wanna pop a bottle of bubbly and toast the new year.

    Christmas has left the building at the Woodwards. I'm usually over it by the 26th, too. Sentimentality was never my strong suit. ;)

  3. I might just be in love with those baby disco balls. Will you ask them to run away with me?

  4. We're always on vacation until around the 3rd, coming back to a messy house (trying to pack, load & choose which new toys to take(!), enjoy Christmas Day, etc. is always crazy!), lots of pine needles & Christmas decorations, and real life- makes this particular time period very hard. Yet we still do it every year. So, to answer your question- my house is not decorated, and we're still in major purging/cleaning mode... yet at the moment, I'm in the "tackle my reader" mode. Back to cleaning tomorrow:).

    I love your table!


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