Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bridesmaid Motivation

I have no willpower.  None.  Faced with a delicious treat, I'm not one who can just say "no thanks" and move on.  I'm more of the eat-it-now-and-regret-it-immediately type - and honestly, the regret isn't very deep. 

My sister Courtney is getting married August 1st (yay!).  It's going to be a beautiful, small beach wedding, and this is the adorable bridesmaid dress I'm wearing:
Isn't this a perfect beachy dress??  It was after-season clearance at a department store!

Who doesn't like a dress with pockets??  Perfect for camera-stashing!

The dress is so cute, but the problem lies in the fact that it barely goes over my hips.  With a sheer fabric like this, you can't exactly have that happening.  And frankly, I really don't want to have to wear spanx on a freaking hot beach in AUGUST.  I suppose I should focus on the positive fact that I can get it on my body, but still....

So Tony and I have started exercising more and more, and our new goal is to not eat desserts*.  It's way too easy to go grab some refreshing ice cream on a hot summer day.  Sweets are my downfall, so hopefully this will keep me from overindulging.  

And yes, I realize I should have done this a few months ago, not 6 weeks before the wedding....

*possible once-weekly exceptions could possibly potentially be made in extreme circumstances....


  1. Such a cute dress!! Don't stress about your timeline, I think 6 weeks is a perfect amount to get just a lil extra wiggle room in a dress! You'll look gorgeous regardless, though! :)

  2. What a gorgeous and unique dress for a bridesmaid. I love it!

    Good luck, too. Ice cream is my weakness!

  3. SO pretty! I love the trim and the pockets. Camera in one, lipgloss in the other. I should probably join you in that no sweets pledge. Considering I just polished off the last of my birthday cake, tomorrow seems like a great day to start.

  4. Very cute dress, dear! Don't worry--it's easier to be going through a no-sweets zone when you have someone to back you up. Good luck dear!

  5. Claire! (It's your cousin, yes, I cyber stalk you - Busted!) The dress is so cute! Is it bad that I'm in the same boat as you, but it's my wedding dress instead?? Whoops! Oh well. I keep saying it's because I enjoy life too much to give it all up, but I guess at some point I should stop kidding myself... :o)

  6. You can do it! And I'm loving the dress!

  7. That dress is so adorable! It's not as fun, but maybe you can make the switch to sorbet or a homemade fruit granita till after the wedding?


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