Friday, August 12, 2011

Beach Week: The Outtakes

You guys have been troopers through my Wedding and Beach weeks.  Last one, promise!

Here are some funny pics that didn't really fit in elsewhere:

Girl loves acting like a big kid

My dad MADE these cornhole boards.  Amazing.  Cake stands and cornhole, his specialties!

Someone didn't wear sunscreen! 
She almost got it!
Grammy playing cornhole! Yes!

Dad providing a nice target for Grammy's throw...

She didn't realize we were throwing pretzels so close to her and the seagulls were hovering!

Senior portrait

Lyla has a thing for putting hair into her ears.  Weirdo.

Shannon - the closeup for you!

Pumpin' a keg in a bridesmaid dress - classy!

What can I say?  I get excited when Tony takes pictures of me.

Match made in heaven.

Thanks for coming to the beach with me, guys!


  1. Ok, the senior portrait picture made me laugh out loud.
    And I still say those are the cutest bridesmaids dresses. So unique and perfect for the beach!

  2. Love these pictures... Looks like a great time!


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