Friday, August 12, 2011

Wedding Week: DIY Backyard Beach Wedding Done Right

Now we've come to one of my favorite parts - the details!!  My mom and sister put a lot of work into the details of this wedding, and they are begging to be shared!

One of the best parts of a casual beach wedding is the ability to DIY relatively cheaply and easily, and it still looks fantastic!  

For the aisle, they found driftwood sticks in their local lake - no easy task, so I'm told.  They they took mason jars and dyed them pale blue, wrapping them with twine onto the sticks.  Fresh flowers from the local grocery store added a touch of color and sweetness.

My photos don't do it justice, but it looked sooooo good coming down that aisle!

The tables were, by far, the best-looking part.  Aren't those colors fantastic??  With such a small group, they were able to get full table settings, complete with real silverware, plates, and glasses.

I love the colors!

It looked wonderful at night with all of the candles!

See those napkin rings?  Yeah, my dad made them!  He stamped words onto the metal, different for each setting.

The photographer asked my mom if she did this for a living.  I can see why he asked!

They got this on etsy, but it was their guestbook - we all left fingerprints.

My mom made this too with a giant letter and a little craft moss.

Next, the food!

A family friend did the catering, and she did a fantastic job!  It was delish.

Food labels, one of my small contributions to the DIY.  I just printed on iridescent paper (font is Starfish from and hotglued to seashells.  Turned out nicely :)

 Pinterest-worthy, isn't it?? :

 I also made these little water bottle labels, but they didn't hold up so well in the August heat!

Next, the "cake" (ie, cupcakes!)

My dad built this cake stand.  From scratch.  My dad is handy, for realz.

He took plywood, spindle things (what are those called??), and dollhouse molding, and stuck it all together, finishing it off with this great turquoise color.  I told him he could make a killing selling these online - he said it took too much time!

The cake plates:

The cupcakes themselves - super delicious, but adorable too.  My mom made the seashells for the tops, and the "sand" made them quite tasty.

Lanterns I want to steal:

Personalized beer cups - I want some for our house!

The cups are from if you're interested!

A DIY beach wedding, done right!


  1. Ohhhh my goooosh! This makes me want to go back and scrap my "moderately sized" wedding and have 15 people and real plates! Those tables? GORGEOUS.

    Are the plates going to be your sister and her husband's dinnerware or china? How special would that be?!?!

    And I'd love to know where those personalized beer glasses came from - I love them!

  2. I agree with Emily, those personalized cups are great and I'd love to hear where she got them! I also really adore the orange lanterns!

  3. It is becoming quite clear where you get all of your diy/decorating talent from :).


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