Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wedding Week: Getting Ready!

As promised yesterday, I'm going to drag out the details of my sister's beach wedding, since it was utterly beautiful and deserves the attention!  First up today, the most important part, the bride and groom!

How cute are they???  
Byron, Courtney, and their little Lyla
Courtney certainly knew how to pull off beachy, elegant style!  First off, her hair - she wore a fascinator!  How swanky British is that?? It was just right, because it added flair and detail, allowing her actual hair do to be simple and low maintenance.  Perfect for a sweltering August evening. 

One of my most favorite things about wedding photos - if the bride is truly excited and joyful - it shows.  Not a fake smile in the bunch - this girl is in love.

Our beachfront house offered some great photo spots!  Her dress was lovely, soft and flowy, still elegant but appropriate for hauling through the dunes!

 With our sister Caitlin:

And with me (I won't get into detail here (ok, I will), but the stylist went crazy with the teasing comb.  I seriously brought in this picture http://pinterest.com/pin/8773807/ as what I wanted, and I ended up with the Amy Winehouse.... turned out ok, but that was after LOTS of patting and pinning DOWN).

I had such a great time with my sisters as we were getting ready upstairs, all nerves and giggles.  Due to distance and age gaps, we haven't always been as close as we would have liked, but as we get older, we are all becoming true friends.  I love that.

You all would have been proud.  I was running around like a crazy person, trying to get ready and take paparazzi photos, all while trying to not annoy the real photographer.  I imagined myself the sous photographer.  I don't think he did  :)

So needless to say, I didn't get many pictures of the boys getting ready.  But I got one!

Byron (middle) and his two brothers, Justin and Andy.  My mom and Byron's mom were handling the pinning!

Ceremony shots tomorrow!


  1. You all look GORGEOUS!! I am loving the fascinator. How hip is she? :)

    Also, I so feel you on the wedding hair. Every time I go to a stylist for an updo, I wind up with poof up to there. Wherever "there" is. But seriously. What's the deal with skipping passed coifed perfection and straight to ratted wildness?

    Your hair looks like it turned out well after you took it into your own hands. :) Way to go!

    What a beautiful day, though. Makes me wanna get married... ;)

  2. Um, again. Gorgeous family. Love the Fascinator - didn't even know what it was until I googled reading this post :). I love the beachy wedding dress too, elegant but not fussy!


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