Tuesday, May 1, 2012

An Update on an Update (ha!)

Two posts in one day??  Crazy, right?? :)

First off, thank you all so much for you kind words on this morning's post.  I appreciate them all so very much and it's so wonderful to have such great blog friends (even though I've been a bad one these past few months!).

Secondly, I wanted to clarify something in that post that may have been misleading or unclear.  When I was saying that I couldn't believe that our baby wouldn't be perfect, I guess "perfect" wasn't the right word to use.  I in no way meant that we would see her as anything but perfect in our eyes - anything less than exactly the way she was meant to be.  I didn't mean at all that I now saw her as defective or not right.  Not once did that cross my mind and this news did not change how we feel about our baby girl whatsoever.  I know she will be absolutely perfect and I will never see her as anything less.

I guess I used perfect because, even now, I can't think of a different way to explain my thoughts.  I was thinking more along the lines of how could anything whatsoever be amiss that could make our girl have to hurt or suffer or be uncomfortable for a single second... not that I was disappointed in how she was going to look or thought less of her.  I guess that's what I meant... and I know I'm not explaining it well...

Unfortunately I know that's the problem of putting stuff out there in type and not in conversation - meanings can get lost or misinterpreted.  I'm not writing this to justify or backpedal, just to clarify in case anyone else took it that way.  I hope those that know me well know that's not what I meant in the least - this little girl is such a blessing and she is and always has been perfect in our eyes.  In fact, that's why I put this out there - so others could perhaps take comfort if they are dealing with the same thing and happen to run across this little blog - and to share the stories that are being weaved into our lives right now.  This will be a part of our girl's story and I want to share our journey as we go along. :)


  1. Love you guys! She is so lucky to have such amazing parents that will give her strength every day.

  2. I totally got what you were saying in your previous post. I know you are going to love that baby girl no matter what. :)

  3. Do you know what really upsets me about the blog world? When people nitpick at words - especially in a post as heartfelt and vulnerable as the one you wrote this morning, and during what is obviously a very emotional time for you. Of course you think of your baby as perfect and I knew exactly what you meant in your post earlier. I'm sorry that there was a comment that made you feel like you have to explain yourself - I cannot wait to "meet" your sweet sweet little girl!

  4. Of course she will be perfect - enough said!

  5. Of course you didn't mean it that way. And you shouldn't have to explain yourself or your heart. Becoming a parent is a scary enough thing to have people question your words. For goodness sakes. Lots of love, friend.

  6. I understood what you meant. Some people just like to take the "better than you" attitude. Obviously you will love her, and I think most parents to be are not expecting anything other than a "normal" healthy baby.

  7. Claire - your words were perfect. Perfect means a million different things to different people at different times, don't listen to one person's opinion of how you chose to use one silly little word. You wrote a beautiful and heartfelt blog post about very raw emotions and more than anything else in that post, your love for your baby girl shines through all of the pain and confusion you described. Of course she won't be perfect, no one is, but she will be loved more than she will ever know through not only these struggles, but every other one she will face in life. Please don't censor yourself; it is not only those that know you that understand your true intentions! Sending TONS of love your way!


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