Friday, May 4, 2012

School Baby Shower

Well, I've officially had my first baby shower!  And this one was a complete surprise!

On my last day of student teaching, I expected the teachers would do a little get together with cupcakes or something during planning period to send me off (they are all so nice!).  Turns out, they did so much more!

My mentor teacher actually sent an email out to all of the parents asking for donations of a few dollars from each kid for a baby shower - she said they were all so generous!  The kids sneakily brought in their money and my teacher went on a shopping spree!  What's absolutely amazing is that not a single student peeped - not one!  And if you know sixth graders, that's no small miracle!

After lunch, my teacher said the class needed to go "check the lost and found" - by now I knew something was up, but still it was so exciting to walk into a room filled with all 100 kids on the team all yelling "surprise!" - you can imagine how loud it was!  My teacher even secretly called Tony to come too.  It was so very sweet and I definitely got teary :)

The kids are seriously all so sweet and I really do miss seeing them all each day. They were SO excited to do this for me - how wonderful is that??  Ha I do think Tony was a bit overwhelmed by 100 pairs of eyes watching him intently, all while laughing and yelling - I told him welcome to middle school :)

We got so much stuff - a pack and play, a play mat, a crib sheet, diapers, bath stuff, accessories, lots of little outfits - my teacher's daughter in law actually made this really cute tutu for our girl - and she doesn't even know us!  Some of the kids bought and brought in their own gifts instead of doing money - they were so proud and it was heartwarming to see their excitement.

Apparently I'm really excited about these tiny shoes?? (that our baby actually will only be able to wear one of, ha!)

The kids all got cookies and juice boxes - cake pops too!  (made by the same daughter in law who doesn't even know me but is the nicest lady ever!).  Basically they were all so excited to not be in reading class, I think.

One of the best parts was that the English teacher had all of the students take the time to write out advice on these cute little cards.  There are so many hysterically funny ones - some of the highlights are below.

It was a perfect way to spend my last day - my cheeks were hurting from smiling nonstop.


  1. Oh my gosh, that is so sweet!! And seriously... just in case you forget - Don't hang the baby upside down!

  2. So sweet! I love the advice from the kids, too funny!

  3. This is SO AWESOME! I love that it was all a surprise and I love that Tony got to be there, too! What a fabulous group of teachers you work with - and kids!

  4. This is SO CUTE!!! I'm so impressed that none of your students blabbed! And the advice? SO awesome. :)

  5. Oh my goodness! This is the sweetest thing ever! I LOVE middle school students!! I've been thinking that when I go back to teaching, I'm going to see if I can get a job at the middle school level. I'm glad you had such a sweet shower and congratulations on completing student teaching! I know it was lots of hard work!!

  6. That is seriously so sweet! I love the advice they gave you, especially about buying clothes and the baby bullet. Haha.

  7. omg... love it!! i think i could use some of that advice! :)

  8. ... of course not the "never hang them upside down" one ;).


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