Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mini Furniture Redos

Three little pieces of furniture got makeovers for use in the nursery.  I'm very happy with how all of them turned out and the DIYness makes me feel good too, considering my creative skills have been zilch these past nine months.

First, tiny table.  Tony's parents gave us this - they had gotten it from a garage sale for $5 and were happy to hand it over.  I needed a tiny table to go next to the glider for stuff like a water bottle, my phone, etc when using the chair for nursing.  This table was just the right size and had similar bones to one I saw at Target for $60 (yes, $60, I was baffled).

I took my teal curtains with me to Home Depot and found a color close to them - Behr's Mermaid Treasure (love that name!).  I got just a sample pot for less than $3 and it was plenty to cover the table.  I did sand the table minimally (dust mask on, of course) and a few coats of paint were plenty to cover it.  Since this was wall paint, I knew I would need a top coat, so I slapped on a few coats of polyurethane I had on hand already to give it a nice protective gloss.  I love it - especially because the total cost for it was $3!

Next up, the tiny rocking chair.  Tony got this chair at the consignment sale he braved by himself - I think it was $12.  It's sturdy wood and I think it will make for a cute photo op location once she can sit up (and you know, it's all about the photos).  It was nice in white, but a little too boring.

Since my original idea was for the nursery to be teal and yellow, I decided to give it a nice coat of yellow - Behr's Sunny Summer.  I again went the paint tester pot route ($3!).  It looked like a nice rich yellow.  I sanded the chair - thank GOODNESS for my Dremel - it would have taken forever without it.  A few coats of the yellow and I was a little disturbed...  Maybe blinded is a better word.

It was quite yellow.  Like, burn your retinas yellow.  Plus it was somehow very thin compared to the turquoise, and my less than perfect sanding job was just not being covered well.  Awww man. 

Back to the drawing board, I went to the store to find a yellow spray paint that was less garish.  They didn't have any yellows I liked, but I did find a pink I liked - Rustoleum's Berry Pink.  Ok, I thought, I could live with pink. 

I love how the pink turned out!  And this actually got me started on adding even more pink to the nursery, so now the room is pretty much teal and pink, with hints of yellow - girly, but not too much so :)  Even though the spray paint was a gloss, I poly'd this too just for extra protection.  It took a good 2 cans of spray paint, but it was still not too expensive - about $20 total for the chair and paint.

Last, but not least, this cube shelf got a transformation for use in the nursery.

This cube actually has a history.  My dad built this shelf for me when I was maybe in early high school - so 12 or more years ago?  I can't remember when exactly, but I remember sitting outside in the garage with him while he built it.  I'm sure he was teaching me woodworking skills, but I have, of course, forgotten all of those.  My dad is so handy and can build/fix anything, and his quality workmanship shows in this shelf that has lasted for so long. I'm not sure how he did it, but there are no nail holes - they are all hidden.

I carted it to college, where I'm pretty sure it fell off the wall and onto me one time since I didn't secure it to the wall well enough (I have a bad history with using wall anchors correctly).  It came with us to our new house and has been abandoned in the attic ever since.

As we were putting stuff up there recently, Tony found it and suggested we try it out for the nursery.  I had a blank wall begging for something big, so this fit the bill perfectly.  It's transformation isn't too dramatic - I just used white gloss trim paint to cover the green.  It took a few coats, but now it's nice and white and shiny.

I love that it has sentimental meaning, even if it is just a few boards nailed together.  The accessories aren't perfect - just stuff I have on hand.  I'm sure things will get added/taken away as we acquire them or as I find things.  The frames will be filled shortly (as in - she's due in 2 weeks! ahh!)

So there you go - 3 mini makeovers to add to the nursery for cheap. 

The full nursery reveal coming soon - as soon as I get my act together and take pictures! 

[Also - Happy Birthday today to my little sis Court!!!]


  1. These projects turned out so good. I love the real color on the table. I use the heck out of our end table so I'm sure you'll be happy you sealed it. I also think that little chair is too cute. The shelf is really neat, too. And I totally could see you adding some fun patterned wrapping paper or scrapbook paper to the back for some non-committal pattern. It's so fun to see your progress. Cant wait for your little one to arrive.

  2. I love these little projects! I almost used "Mermaid Treasure" for the painted frame around Katherine's chalkboard. It's SUCH a pretty color. I'm glad you have a side table. That's the one thing I wish I had on a regular basis in Katherine's nursery. It'd be SO useful. One day. :)

    TWO WEEKS?!? Oh My!!! :)

    also... I emailed you a weird postpartum tip that I want to make sure you got before this little baby arrives... you check your peachtree email account, right?


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