Monday, October 22, 2012

A Southern Wedding

This past weekend, one of my good friends got married.  I got to be in the wedding, and it was fun watching her ideas come together on a beautifully crisp fall day in Athens, Georgia. 

Josie was one of my college roommates at UGA - along with Kirsty and Gina.  I know I have talked about them many times on here before.  

Freshman year, I was assigned as a random roommate with Kirsty; Gina and Josie were randomly assigned together as well.  We all ended up on the same hall in the dingy-yet-lovable Creswell Hall, where the walls were cinder block and the rest was some form of magnetic.  Luckily, I loved Kirsty right away - especially since we were sharing a sardine can.  Also luckily, we became friends with Josie and Gina, with whom we often shared a slowpoke elevator, shoes-required community showers, and a narrow hall where sounds of their laughter carried easily down to our room.  We went on to live together for the rest of our college years, and I am so glad we have all remained such close friends.

Josie and Brian live in and got married in our college town, so it was fun to come back and reminisce on such a happy occasion.

Isn't she lovely??

Such a wonderful day!

The hair's a bit poofy...

Harper is not amused.

She got chilly.

It's so funny to look back at all of us through the years at each others' weddings.  We were so little!!  How has it been nearly a decade since we first met??  And my, how our cameras have improved!

At Kirsty's wedding

At Gina's shower

At our wedding
And Josie's


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  1. Makes me happy! I too can't believe it is almost a decade since we met. Love you all!


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