Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Beach: 2012 Edition

Tony recently commented that 90% of the internet is now pictures of Harper.  I am somewhat embarrassed...  but ya know, not enough to stop posting endless pictures of her cuteness.  I honestly have to resist the urge to take pictures of her all day long.  And yes, I know, I'm the only parent in the world who has ever felt this way.... 

On that note:  Harper pictures!  At the beach!  Being adorable!

We went on our annual trip to Anna Maria Island, FL this past week.  We usually go in July, but considering I was gigantically pregnant then, we pushed the trip back to October.  The water was slightly chilly, but it was still like 90* outside, so we couldn't complain.  It was certainly different being there with a baby - I spent a lot more time feeding/pumping/washing bottles (or any combination thereof) than I have in years past (strange!), but we did get in some quality time walking on the beach with the stroller, lounging, and frolicking in the ocean.  Harper even took a few dips during free piggy time.  Fun was had by all!

She continued to frown, but seemed to like it

Lyla was super cute - it made me excited for next year when Harper will be toddling around

Mean mugging, like always

Matching cousins - ha!


The whole gang

The pacifier is not cute - but otherwise we were facing a meltdown! 
Oh yeah, I'm just chilling - in my bathing suit and hat.  What of it?
Um... a little sand never hurt a two month old, right?

It had to be done


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  1. It looks like you guys had an awesome time. I love the pic with her name in the sand, too cute!


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