Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Birthday Girls

Two of my favorite little girls, our lovely nieces, turned 3 this spring.  

It feels like such a short while ago that we got the good news that both my sister and my sister-in-law were expecting -- mere weeks apart!  We went from zero babies in our lives to 2, just like that.  Now both of those ladies are expecting again - one due in just a few weeks, the other due later this fall.  I can't wait!  But back to the big girls.  

Baby Ava

Baby Lyla
Both Ava and Lyla have been such a blessing in our lives.  They taught us how babies work and gave us invaluable practice for the time when our own little girl arrived.  They showed us how easy it is to love a little girl so much you could burst.  They showed me how heartwarming it can be to see a little one yell out "TONY!!" and run in for a hug (kids love him, like LOVE him, always).  They made us want to spoil them.  They made us treasure every moment we see them.  They both love our little girl like good cousins should, sharing toys and hugs and kisses, and both always wanting to help feed bottles and change diapers (with mixed results).  We love these little girls so very, very much.  They bring joy to our lives.

Really holding a baby for the first time (Ava)

Hogging Lyla

We got to go to both of their birthday parties this year.  Both seemed to share the common denominator of lots and lots of pink.  

Ava's birthday: 

Ava and her dad

Tea party with Uncle Tony

 Lyla's Princess Party:

These were so good.  I ate one whole row of them.

My sister's such a creative decorator!

Cousin love

This sums it up:  the girl is obsessed with Hello Kitty.

We love you little girls, so very much.

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