Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Best

You, lovely blog friends, are the best.

When I posted my Mom Insecurity post the other day, I was simply trying to share what I was feeling that day, to be real, as I promised I would try to be here on this blog in my New Years resolution post (#5!).  And while I wasn't fishing for reassurance or compliments, you all decided to leave just that in your comments - your own stories, your mama wisdom, and your encouragement.  It means so much to me to have women who I don't really "know" take the time to leave thoughtful words of support, not just on this post, but on lots and lots of others.  Your kind words always mean so much to me.

And looking back on the post, I feel somewhat silly.  We truly do get out often - there is rarely a day that we don't go somewhere, even if that somewhere is just a neighborhood walk.  And I love that we get to do things together as a family - the mundane grocery shopping or trips to the swings.  We are usually on the go on the weekends, while we appreciate down time spent at home together too (like the late afternoons we've spent on our spruced up patio).  Yet I do treat Tony as my safety net - my confidence is sky-high with him there, but alone? Not so much.  I definitely want to boost my "mom" confidence altogether, in many areas, and going out with just Harper will be a small way to help that.  So, we go out, we stay home, alone or together, it's gonna be ok.  

Thank you for helping me see that.  :)

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