Friday, July 26, 2013

Weeks and Months

Ok, so I know everyone is sick of hearing about my daughter turning one year old, the same thing a billion other babies do.  Sorry.  Can't be helped.

But just one more post about it then I am done - promise!

I took her last weekly photo this week - and actually this is the first one out of 52 where I couldn't get her to lay still.  Late mobility worked out well for me here!

I'm glad I took all of these weekly pics.  By using her crib sheet as my background, it was as easy as putting her in real clothes and laying her in her crib.  She always smiled for me (once she was able to!).  I'm glad I got to document her milestones and activities each week too.  But I'm also glad to be done with it!

I also took her 12 month picture.  It's funny - she went from having to be propped up in that chair to rocking it back and forth on her own.  I love these pictures and being able to see the bell curve of her chubby cheeks (big, bigger, big, smaller).  

I will probably keep taking her monthly picture in this chair, but just in regular clothes, as I am out of stickers and she keeps wanting to eat them anyway.  

All of her pictures are on the Baby Harper tab.  I hope to make a photo book out of all of these.  

(no one tell my future second kid I did all this, k???)


  1. I won't tell your second kid if you won't tell mine. Amelia gets her monthly pictures, but that's about it. Haha, poor girl!

  2. She is so stinkin' cute! And I love all the weekly and monthly photos - it's just a blast to watch babies grow up.

  3. I loved these and I'm copying you...on my third kid. It can be done, although I'm only a month into it so we'll see if I really keep it up.


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