Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Beach Week 2014

Well, I promise I haven't been up to anything all that interesting in the last month, but somehow it's all kept me from blogging!  Slacker!

However, we did spend a lovely week at the beach with my family.  We went to Anna Maria Island, Florida, where we've been going for quite a few years. My sis even got married here in 2011! {20112012, 2013} It's so neat to see how our family grows and changes each time.  This year, Lucy was part of the mix!  Next year, there will be even one more baby. Crazy stuff!

We always rent a house, and this year, the house was super cute and remodeled recently.  It was very much beachy cottage feel, which I would totally do if I lived in Florida (not even at the beach, just in the state).  It was good weather and I love having that much quality time with all of my family.

Harper and Nonnie

My sisters and I - not sure how I got so short.

THE BEST doughnuts in the world.  Choose your own icing and toppings (this trip was pre-gestational diabetes, thank goodness).

A pod of stingrays off the pier:

So, I was concerned about how Harper would do at the beach.  Last year, she was crawling but not walking, which was a super pain.  This year, she's running full speed all of the time, but still not mature enough to understand danger and cleanliness.  

She did... ok.  We didn't spend a ton of time down at the beach, as the kids could only take short bursts.  She did have fun playing in the sand with Lyla and the dads.  She got some sunbathing time in too:

Also, this kid is Greek baby, through and through.  I slathered her with sunscreen, but she and her Greek dad were the only ones who didn't get sunburned at least somewhat.  Seriously, there were a few days when I slacked a bit on reapplication and she just got a little brown.  What a relief that at least this kid got her father's skin tone and not mine! 

She didn't really understand the whole - don't get sand all over you - part... she ate a lot of it.  Oh well.  She survived.

SO excited about the waves

We had a nice little pool at the house, where we spent a lot of time.  I got to wear maternity swimwear.  Fun stuff.

There were a lot of chubby, near-naked baby shots.  She is just too cute.  And scraggly. 

Light beach reading

This kid.  Almost 2.  So grown.

Beach family 

Lucy being adorable and looking just like her daddy

Lyla is like, full grown now.  It's so crazy.  I love getting to hang out with her.

The grandparents

The whole gang

It was a great week and a great way to kick off summer!


  1. Such great photos! I'm so glad you got this time with your family - great memories being made.

  2. Goodness Harper is cute!! This looks like such a fun trip- makes me want to go to the beach!!! :)


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