Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Fun

Our friends Mikey and Kacy were kind enough to invite us to go with them to her parents' lake house this past weekend to enjoy some fall fun.  Our other friends the Thompsons came too, and it was wonderful to have some time out of our dark diaper cave of a house with some great people.

On Saturday, we went to a local farm in South Carolina (Denver Downs) where they have a giant corn maze, hay ride, and other such fall fun.  The other two families went last year, so we were excited to go too!  

It was your typical Southern October day - 85 degrees and sunny.  That little baby was a sweat machine inside the carrier! 
The farm was great - the only problem for us was it's not exactly the best for a 2 year old.  Harper is at that irritating stage where she can run around and have fun with the older kids, but isn't quite big enough to safely do all of the other things they are doing.  She just wanted to join in on their fun, but her paranoid mama wasn't quite ready for that.  I did let her go down the giant slide by herself, and luckily Mikey caught her here or she would have busted her face.  I was taking photos.... #parentingfail

 So there were lots of meltdowns and stroller screams while I fed the baby and sweated to death.  BUT it was still a lot of fun!  And it was fun watching the older kiddos in our group have a blast!

hi pumpkins.

The pumpkin patch was a safe activity, and we spent a lot of time there.  I loved how many there were.

We went on two horse carriage rides and one hay ride. 

Harper got to play in the corn box.

After that we had lots of time back at the house, where the children all played together and the adults counted the minutes until bedtime.  Kidding.  Not kidding...

I never want to wish the time away, neither daily or with each stage, but man.  This toddler.  She is such a handful right now!  A beautiful, mind boggling, wonderfully crazy handful! 

She knows the word "share" - and uses it by screaming it in the face of another kid whose toy she is snatching.  It's bad.  There were plenty of ugly screaming fits and redirection.  We are trying to figure out the balance between ignoring tantrums that will fizzle quickly and time out and actually disciplining.  Ugh.  We just don't want to have "that kid" who everyone is wary of! Harper really is such a sweet, social girl, so I know this phase will pass as long as we're consistent and diligent about it.  And I know she's just 2.  But hey, the positive is weekends like this are great practice in working with her!  And our friends are awesome and understand.  

We got to go on an evening boat ride (thanks Barb for watching Quinn!) which Harper really liked.

We forced the menfolk to swim with the insistent children (cold.).

Oh yeah, Quinn was there too. :)   Man, babies are easy.  As long as you can feed them and give them a safe place to sleep, they are the easiest thing ever.  Remind me to go back in time and tell Claire that 2 years ago. 

 The weather was perfect for sitting outside and staring at the water.


It was a great weekend and we were so glad to be invited!  I'm a sucker for all things fall, so this was a great way to celebrate! 

All of the kids, none of whom are looking at the camera.  Typical.  :)

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