Sunday, March 15, 2009

Making Do With What You've Got

That's pretty much our motto around here!

Since this isn't our forever house, when it comes to fixing things up, there is always the question of Is it worth it?

So... our fireplace is straight out of a '70s basement - minus the wood paneling. It's floor to ceiling grayish stone, with a wooden mantle that is literally cemented into the structure of the stone. It isn't going anywhere without some major demo!

Given this situation, we've decided it's not worth the time or money to redo it entirely. One little tweak I decided to make was staining the mantle a darker color.

It started as this light, yellowish wooden color, which to me looks a little dated. And it was pretty battered looking.

After a little sanding (ok, a LOT of sanding), a few coats of darker stain - and voila!

Not a major change, but something little that seems to make a big difference. It's not only darker, but much fresher looking.


  1. So long as you get to make changes that make you a little happier, that's all that matters! Love it!

  2. I think it looks great! And I totally agree with you - if you aren't gonna see a return on the improvements and you aren't doing it for your own pleasure - then there is no point in making changes to a non-forever-home.

  3. Looking good. The yellow was a bit dated. I think the darker looks very clean and new.

    (p.s. love the flower. who painted it?)

  4. Thanks guys!

    Tony's mom painted the flower - we actually have 5 of her paintings in our house - she was nice enough to loan them to us to fill our blank walls when we first moved in, and we have yet to return them!


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