Saturday, April 4, 2009


Our little house is now sporting a brand new roof!!

We got lucky - extremely lucky - when a recent hail storm went through our area. We had hail damage on our roof - but nothing serious enough to make it leak or anything. When we bought the house two years ago, the inspector told us our roof only had about 3 years' life left...something we were NOT excited about having to save up for.

But thanks to mother nature, we got a brand new one for $500!

Here is the before picture from last fall - the reddish shingles looked dated and were horribly stained with sap and who knows what.

Here is the fancy new one - with the architectural style shingles in "Williamsburg Gray." I think it looks so much more modern - and will look even better when we repaint the shutters black and get a new door soon. And of course, our house value increases significantly.

Good use of $500, I think!


  1. wow- looks great! Best $500 ever spent. = )

  2. Fantastic! I love the exterior of your house. It looks super inviting.

  3. Superb improvement. How did you know that you had hail damage if there were no leaks? Also, thanks to you I am praying that my area gets hailed upon....

  4. Thanks!

    Katie - it helped because Tony works in insurance (car) and knew there was a lot of damage in our area, and so called in a claim just to check - the worst they can do is not cover it. but luckily they noticed some damage and it was able to be covered. usually the hail damages the shingles and gutters, not really causing a leak. we got lucky it was covered, that's for sure! and it helps too that other houses in our neigborhood were also getting their roofs repaired.

    and it's supposed to hail tonight- maybe you will get that!

  5. The old roof obviously needed immediate replacement, with all those tree saps covering the tiles. Although you have a new roof installed, it would still need proper maintenance to maximize its lifespan. You would need to clean the shingles every season of the year. If tree sap becomes a problem – again – you may choose to install copper strips on top of your roof to help inhibit the growth of moss.

    Mary Martin

  6. I agree with Mary; if you want to protect your new roof, give it the maintenance it deserves. Regular checks and cleaning can make a big impact! In doing so, you are extending the lifespan of your roof. Do take care of your roof and it will take good care of you and your property in all weather conditions.

    -Hugh Dinatale

  7. Definitely looks more modern now. And I like the new color very much. Though it makes me wonder: How long was the last maintenance work to the old roof as it only had 3 years left when you got it? I hope you used it as a bargaining chip to get the house before. :)

    Noreen @ Town & Country Roofing

  8. It’s amazing that you got new roof just in this low price. I got repair in amazing prize and that was Liquid Roof Repair.


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