Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Feel the Need...

... the need for craftiness! Let me explain.

This past weekend, Tony and I went home to Knoxville for a weekend with the family.  No trip home would be complete without ten thousand pictures a picture or two of my niece.  I might be obsessed with my nieces... and as far as I know... there isn't a cure...

A fun activity for me is to scrounge around in the abandoned closets of my old room (and my sisters'!) and see what junk I can bring home to now clutter our house.  Fun! Tony LOVES when I do this!  Digging through my old stuff, I found my long-forgotten craft box.  I have a grownup craft box now, but my old one was once a prized possession.  I seemed to have creativity to spare back in those days (and ten pounds of pony beads), and I think now it's finally resurfacing (I'm feeling the total itch to be crafty this holiday season!).  So my craft box came home with me.  I plan on devoting some time to going through it, seeing what can be salvaged (they clay for beadmaking might not be surviving..), and getting crafty.

The Graphics Fairy

I wanted to share some of the lovely images that have been appearing on The Graphics Fairy.  I sit in my cube and dream of getting my mod podge on, using some of these lovelies.  I love her site so much, and it's my newfound inspiration for any type of image (my skull was from her image!)


Santa (I know him!)
Another Santa:

And Another Santa!:
I'm imagining all kinds of fun projects with these images.  Anyone else have any great online resources for craftiness?  Help a fellow crafting nerd out!


  1. Hi Claire,
    Thanks so much for mentioning my blog! Your niece is adorable!!! She looks a lot like my daughter when she was a baby, although Danielle had an extra chin.

  2. I love the photos. Esp. the first one with the snowman.

  3. (love this site!

    and of course this one,

    and, have you heard of this?? (not a craft blog, but cool gluing advice!)

    Can't wait to see your holiday craftiness!


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