Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wedding Week: The Fabulous Afters

Welcome back to Wedding Week (and thanks for your previous comments, so nice!)

First it was Getting Ready, then it was Ceremony, now it's the wonderful pictures After, where everyone cuts loose and nerves are gone and smiles are larger than life.

One of the best parts of a beach wedding, in my opinion, is the stellar opportunity for photo ops on the beach.  On Court's wedding evening, the sun was setting beautifully, and the lighting was just right.  I thought my photos turned out pretty well, which means the real photographer's photos must be amazing!  I can't wait to see them!

This one gets me.

If I look sweaty, it's because I was literally scampering (the only word to describe it) around trying to get lots of photos without the real photographer getting mad!

Love this one! 
Our bouquets!

There were a gajillion, I commend you for making it this far!

What a beautiful evening!

Tomorrow's post will be the decorations!  

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  1. Everyone is just oozing happiness! It seriously looks like such an amazing day. And yeah, she totally lucked out with the lighting, it's magical!


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