Monday, May 14, 2012

Free Labor ;)

Last August, our good friends Mikey and Kacy invited us to join their community small group.  They had been in a small group for the past two years through their church, so we knew a little about it, but it was a little tiny bit scary to join one ourselves (we're antisocial and awkward!).  But we knew M&K wouldn't lead us astray, so we braved it and joined.  

The group consisted of 10 people - including three other couples who we either didn't know at all or barely knew.  We meet every Monday night and talk and the group stays together for two years.  While that first step was a little daunting, we are so glad that we joined this group.  

Not only do we get so much out of it spiritually, we have made many new friends and solidified older friendships.  All of these people are in the same life stage as we are, more or less (they all have multiple young kids - we are just starting!), and we are able to learn and grow from having them all in our lives.  I have lots of mamas I can ask questions of, which is very reassuring!

As just a small taste of the power of these new-found friendships - on Friday, all four girls (Kacy, Kim, Janna, and Katie) surprised me by showing up at our house ready to get our nursery in gear!   I had been whining to Kacy about how unmotivated I was, so she planned this surprise to help us get it done quickly - the room was painted completely and furniture was assembled - all before lunch!  It was so thoughtful of them and a wonderfully welcome surprise!

But it wasn't just as simple as these girls showing up to paint - they all have kids and tons of responsibilities, one is pregnant herself and one just had a baby - so they had to coordinate naps and breakfast and snacks and toys all so this could work.  In total, there were 8 kids three and under to wrangle!  To say I am extremely grateful doesn't even come close!  

I chose to be extremely helpful by taking pictures of them working :)

It was a whole new place in just hours! 

This is probably the best representation of the true color:

I felt so bad - I hardly did anything to help in the room at all!  I did help babysit, which was a job in itself (and excellent training for my future!) but I felt super guilty that there was a crew of people fixing up this room without my help!

They did an excellent job and even cleaned up.  Kacy and Kim put together our dresser (which is from Ikea, so you know that took forever!) and they probably all had to put up with cranky kids for the rest of the day, considering usual routines and schedules got a little off.  I am so honored to have these kind and selfless women as my friends.

On Saturday, Tony's parents came over and did a few touch ups, like painting trim, hanging curtain rods, and cleaning the nasty dog-nosed windows.  We got the furniture moved in and arranged, and now the room is just ready for the decor part!  

If it will stop raining anytime soon, I will get a good picture, but right now it's just too dark. 

I am so extremely grateful to have so many wonderful people in our lives.  Our baby girl is loved already by so many, and I hope to be able to repay the favor to all of them soon.


  1. How great that you have that community of people that will help you out when needed. I think that the nursery will look beautiful in time for baby girl's arrival!

    IKEA -- woof. great pieces. a pain to assemble.

  2. Chocolate Cake = Favor Repaid. Boom.

    PS - I love how all the pics show the girls working, and mine is me on my cell phone. However, for the record, I was texting Tony the pain color so he could pick up another gallon. ;) haha

  3. How sweet! What a great group of friends!

  4. Lol Claire! It was a blast helping you and not watching my kid. ;)

    KACY! I took the picture of you on your phone texting Mikey a picture of me taking pictures, you Asian hater. ;)

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  6. awwww .... this is so sweet! What great friends and family you have. I'm a bit of a control freak, but I was so thankful to my in-laws for painting the room. Although I was also a bit like a bull in the China shop, because I wasn't sure what to do with myself. ;)

    Also, could you send your girl friends over the next time I have an IKEA purchase to assemble? I could use the help. ;)

  7. I am in awe of how nice your friends are! I mean, I thought my friends were nice, but I'm not really sure they'd think to do that sort of thing, then make their schedules work to actually get it done. You and that baby are lucky girls!


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