Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Inside-Baby Pictures

While we were in Knoxville for the baby shower, I forced convinced my sister to play photographer and take some maternity photos of Tony and I.  Originally, I had wanted to get professional ones, but Tony said no way convinced me otherwise.  Probably best anyway - I want to save that money for pics of the baby.  

Courtney did just as good as any professional would do, mostly because we are such perfect models ;)  They are cheesetastic, and I love them.  Mostly I was glad Tony was cooperative.  We found a nice park down by the lake to take the pics, as well as in my parents' backyard.  

This one is my favorite.

And of course, we didn't get through the thing without some ridiculous ones being taken:

Prom photo

What??  I'm pregnant????

Seduction at 8 months

My dad, the photobomber


  1. Ha! These are great, especially the silly ones. I love your dad photobombing the last one :)

  2. STUNNING. {& totally glowing... both of you :)}

  3. My favorite is the 4th one down. Corey said so too!
    And my second favorite is seduction at 8 months. Hilar!!

  4. These are awesome! You look GORGEOUS and I love that you guys took some funny ones too. :)

  5. Beautiful, beautiful mama! Love the humorous ones too!

  6. I am seriously giggling at your dad as the photobomber. These turned out so nice. You two are too cute.


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