Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Old McQuinnie's Farm

I've given up on the notion of only blogging when I have the time to write an elaborate post on something important.  Not going to happen.  But I want to update on bigger life events here, with mostly photos, for my own life-chronicling purposes.  Just fyi :)

Quinn turned ONE this past August.  It's crazy how quickly her first year went by.  I know all parents say that... but man.  It just flew.  Although it doesn't seem like "just yesterday" when she was born - in fact, it seems forever ago and I feel like I can't remember a time when she wasn't this toothy, giggly, mischievous little crawler who was into anything and everything.  

I feel like it has been so much easier to see the forest for the trees with this second child.  Little hiccups in sleep schedules and feeding and milestones and all that were just not as big of a deal, and I can much more readily appreciate the awesomeness that is the One Year Stage.  She's just so stinking fun right now.

Anyway, on to the party!  Like I've always done, we had a very small family party at Tony's parents' house (perk of two summer babies - endless pool parties! built in entertainment!).  Some Pinterest thing gave me the idea to do a farm party, and since one of the kids' fave toys is a little barn/farm animals set - I knew I had half of the decor already.  So fun to decorate just because I want to make things and because it will make us happy - not to impress hoards of party guests, but just us.  I like being creative so this was all for me.  OH yeah, and Quinn. :) Happy medium.

My fave way to do invites for these little parties is to use a photo, and then add words in Photoshop and print them as 4x6 photo prints for like $.09 at Walgreen's.  It's easier than real invites, especially when you just need a few.  The petting zoo at the Atlanta Zoo served as our backdrop for the invite photo - until the workers fussed at us for having a baby sitting near a semi-domesticated animal with no shoes on (oops.).

I used toys for decorations, and with some scrapbook paper, burlap, and stickers, I jazzed up the food table.  Nothing fancy.  

Dirt cups because uh well... there's dirt on a farm?  And... Oreos?

I've always used their fence as a mandatory photo area.  A cheap hay bale from Home Depot and some clip art printed as Engineering Prints (and colored by my family the night before!) helped make it fun for the kids.

Quinn's cow bib is from Etsy and Harper's shirt is just something I painted with craft paint.

How cute is this cowpoke?  (the baby. not me. my shirt/jorts combo was supposed to be thematic.  i don't usually dress this way, promise.)

I made her cake because 1. cheap and 2. food allergies  :(

She liked it. 

Her party was a splash! 

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