The New Me

The past few years, I've been on a little inward journey to become a better person - mentally, physically, socially, spiritually.  Tony and I have completely made over how we spend money, I've been trying to focus on positives instead of negatives, and together we're on the way towards happiness and contentment in all aspects of life.  At the risk of sounding like a motivational speaker & an optimist, I plan on sharing these life & attitude adjustments as I go along.  Because honestly, without happiness, laughter, fun, and fulfillment - what's the point of all of this?

I'm wearing jorts.  Love these sisters.

Here are a few posts leading to the "new me" (don't worry, there won't be a grand before & after reveal at the end - it's a slow process and even I am not perfect!) (you thought I was, didn't you??)

Most recently:  my announcement that I'm doing a complete career change to become a teacher!  And going back to school full time first:
Life Changing - with this follow up

Our Savings Plan - this pretty much started it all - reworking priorities in life - big and small - which lead me to thinking about changing the whole way I see our world.

Thriving loving life, not just living it

One Extra - making sure you thrive

We Took a Break - breaking BlackBerry's chains of enslavement on my brain

Learning Life Lessons - creating a life with intention and purpose

Learning to Live on Less - my guest post on Shannanigans, about how we are living more by using less

Time - not wishing away your time

Love & Apology & Forgiveness - knowing when to ask or accept forgiveness

Detours - enjoying taking the long way

more to come!

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