Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Harper's Colorful Nursery

Hi Friends!  I finally got my act together and took some pictures of the (more or less) finished nursery!

I love it so much and am very happy with how it turned out!  I hope you'll like it too.

I knew I wanted gray walls, teal, and yellow.  In the end, a lot of pink snuck in there too.  But really I just wanted it to be colorful and happy, and I think I succeeded.  Let's take a tour, shall we?

The view as you walk in the door:

Here's her little rocking chair I posted about earlier.  We also took down the closet door (since it stuck out really badly into the room) and replaced it with a curtain.  We used a cheap tension rod that screws down on the inside to hold it - it's pretty sturdy.

This is the reverse view, leading out of the room (and our room in the background).

I like how the mobile turned out.  The lanterns are actually from our wedding:

My mom had saved all of them, so I got the pink ones out and just tied them all together with fishing line.  We anchored a hook into the ceiling, and voila.  It's very sturdy, but if it were to fall someday, it's not heavy at all.  It sways a bit when the fan's on, so maybe she will enjoy it.  At the least, it adds some nice color!

We've got the cube thing happening over here.  I like straight lines, so I guess that's why everything ended up being square (with the only exception of the lanterns!)  More on the hanging cube here.

The floor cube holds lots of books (yay books!).  The bins are also wrangling smaller toys like rattles and chew toy thingys.  Really the top of this shelf is the only source of permanent table space in the room, so it's holding a lamp and the sound machine.

Decor to be adjusted as we go... everything on here was a gift.

This space looks a little naked at the moment, but that's because Tony's mom is painting us something to go above the changing pad (hooray!).  I can't wait to add it!

This chair is so comfy.  There's my little table I posted about here and the ottoman I posted about here.

These Ikea frames are just holding paper right now, but I plan on putting pictures of the baby in there once she's born.  I'm thinking closeups of little fingers, eyes, toes, etc in black and white.  I might still keep the teal in there as a background, but I want the photos to be large.

I posted about the crib and the skirt I made for it here.

We replaced the shelving in the closet (I won't bore you with details).  We used wood we had and only had to buy brackets and the rods.  We hung everything high enough so as to be able to use it for little girl clothes too, not just tiny dresses.  Oh, tiny dresses, I love you.

The dresser is super-spacious.  It's holding perfectly-arranged onesies and the like - soon it will be a jumbled mess, I'm sure!

So that's our colorful little nursery!  I can't wait to have a baby to put in it!

Here's my best attempt at a source list for everything:

  • Paint:  Glidden's Misty Moonstone color in Behr Paint/Primer in one Zero VOC Low odor - $24/gallon (x2)
  • Crib: Babyletto Mercer in white - a generous gift from my parents - on sale for $350
  • Glider:  Newco Taylor swivel glider - a generous gift from Tony's parents - originally $429 but we used a 20% off coupon
  • Dresser:  Ikea Hemnes 3 Drawer - on sale for $179
  • Curtains: Eclipse Bailey Thermaback - $15.99 (x3)
  • Cube shelf:  Target Closetmaid Cube - $35 on sale, $6 for fabric bins (x3)
  • Tiny rocking chair:  Consignment sale - $12, $8 or so in paint
  • Book tub:  Target beverage tub - $12
  • Changing pad, crib mattress: donated by my mom (barely used when she babysat my niece when she was a baby)
  • Tiny table: donated by Tony's parents - a garage sale find for $5!, $3 for paint
  • Crib sheets: Argington Gingko organic - $25
  • Changing pad cover: Target Zutano - $12
  • Ottoman: Target - $17
  • Lanterns: free from wedding 
  • Large frames:  Ikea Ribba - $12 (x3)
  • Crib skirt:  Material from Hobby Lobby - $17
  • Toy storage bin:  Ikea banana fiber basket - $15.99
  • Lamp:  Target cutout lamp - $15.00 on sale

We also recently steam cleaned the carpet (rented a RugDoctor for about $40 total), so I don't feel like it's totally dogified anymore in there.  We also added a ceiling fan for a little air flow.  We have an air filter hidden behind the chair because I'm paranoid like that.  Also, just so you all know, everything was hung with extreme care - either in studs or with heavy-duty anchors.  The floor cube shelf is attached to the wall and the curtains are hung with ring clips so they can pull down if needed. We will probably anchor the dresser to the wall soon too, even though it's a beast and would take some extreme pulling to get it over.  So not only is it cute, I hope it's safe too!  

I hope you like the nursery!  It was a labor of love, for sure!  


  1. Ohhhhh I love it!! So colorful and happy! I'm particularly partial to the aqua- hmmm, I wonder why?? :) Nice work mama!!

  2. I love it! It looks so cute. Harper is going to love it!

  3. I LOVE the pops of yellow with the turquoise and gray! So sweet and feminine but unexpected at the same time. I love the owl changing pad cover, too - cannot wait to see what Tony's mom paints for above the dresser!

    Also, that turquoise and pink polkadot/stripe romper on the top of Harper's dresser drawer was the first girl outfit we had for Nell...and my favorite to this day :)

    Nice work, Mama!

  4. This is fabulous, Claire! I Love it all. The changing table cover is adorable and I love all the pops of color. The closet is too fabulous with those matching tubs. Also, the lanterns are too cool and I love that they are from your wedding. How sweet is that?

    This is just an amazing room! You did such an awesome job.

    (And as an aside, I"m feeling like a total slacker because I have yet to post photos of our nursery. And Henry is nearly 2 months old. Ridiculous.)

    Can't wait 'til beautiful Harper arrives. She is one lucky girl. (Love all those clothes.)

  5. It's adorable! I love all the colors (and baby clothes are soooo cute!) Sorry it's taken me so long to write you back now! I love your blog!

  6. It's so pretty!!! I love the colors you chose! You've done a WONDERFUL job!!! :):)

  7. I love the colors! It looks so great, and I am sure the little miss is going to love it.

    Love the name too! Huntface was going to be Harper if he was a girl, after my Grandmother <3



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