Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Crafts from Halloweens Past

Fall is usually the time of year when I dust off the glue gun and get crafty.  The season sort of cries out for crafting.  Well, this year, I ignored the siren song.  I've made absolutely nothing and I'm ok with it.  

Ever since having Harper, our house has felt a lot smaller (and I know that's a common feeling).  Out of necessity, and out of a desire to purge clutter as blocks and books moved in, I've pared down my decor.  There's just not room and all of it is a baby magnet.  So I kept it simple for fall.  I already have a lot of decorations and making more just doesn't make sense right now.  Luckily, I'm in the midst of planning a friend's baby shower, so my few drops of creative juice left are being funneled in that direction.

Nonetheless, I wanted to resurrrect a project from the archives and share it again. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

This skull print is one of my favorite Halloween projects to date.  I thought it turned out pretty good, and it was one of those right-from-my-brain on the fly sort of projects.  Funny thing is, Tony is totally creeped out by it and won't let me put it up.  Oh well, I don't really decorate for Halloween anyway.  So, it will live on here, in blogworld, even if it doesn't see the light of day in the real world.

I printed an anatomical skull print from the Google onto newsprint.  I glued it to some orange paper.  To rough it up, I spraypainted some black through a piece of burlap.  Done-zo.

I still love these pumpkins I made a few years back.

Basic cheapo foam pumpkins painted with metallic craft paint and doused in glitter.  Boom.

This is about all I have going on this year.  Womp. 

 Oh well.  There's always Christmas (ps - I'm already stressing about a tree - we can't not get one! but our child is a destructive force that I am not prepared to deal with....)  Maybe a tabletop one?  Grrrr babyproofing!


  1. I don't really decorate for Halloween (I would if we actually got more than 3 trick or treaters), but I try to do something fall-ish. I LOVE your skull print though- that's so cool. I too am having major anxiety about a Christmas tree already- I don't know what to do. I was thinking about getting a full sized one like normal and then putting a baby gate thing around/in front of it? Or just deal with the fact that I'm going to have to redirect him away from it a billion times? I don't know...sigh

  2. I'm needing to pare down in our house, too. Having a baby makes seasonal decorating a little different, doesn't it?

  3. I love the skull. Tony is a wimp.

  4. Your mantle is beautiful, and nothing wrong with just doing what you have time/energy/space for. The tree? I vote you just put one up and don't hang any breakable ornaments on the lower 1/3. And accept that the pine needles are going to go everywhere.


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