Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 in Review

I'm one of those typical girls who says every month, "I can't believe it's already ____!" and then each season, "I can't believe it's already ____!"  And then each year, "I can't believe it's already ____!"

I can't believe it's already almost 2014!

Last year I put together a little huge blog recap post about our year (appropriately named Best Year Ever! thanks to Harper's arrival).  It was long and had 100 million pictures and I loved it.  So, here it is again, for 2013!  Not as long!

I didn't post as often in 2013, since I was just busy, but a lot still happened!  This is my recap according to my blog - probably not a true, complete picture, but a happy snapshot nonetheless.

January 2013

I shared my New Year's goals (soon to be re-examined to see how I did - stay tuned!)

I shared a post about how we were starting the process of opening up the doorway from our kitchen to our living room - which makes me now painfully aware that I never shared a "finished" post - ugh.  We like it!

More progress post

I then shared Harper's first taste of real food (crazy!!! she was that little just a year ago?????)  We started with avocado, and I made nearly all of her food myself.  Girl liked to eat from Day 1 (still does).


Then I forced Harper into a six month photo shoot full of girlyness.

February 2013

I shared yet another post on our kitchen redo progress - with an open wall and new can lights!

Even though it was a cold winter, we found ways to get outside with our growing girl

I then shared an update on Harper's nursery - it was so clean then when she was blissfully immobile... :)

I also did something blog-exciting this month - I created the Clubfoot Files tab, where I've compiled all of my posts and info on our clubfoot experience.  This has become a huge part of my blog, as well as a big traffic source, and I've met so many expecting parents, new parents of a clubfoot baby, parents who are five years into clubfoot treatment, and more through these posts.  I love sharing information and resources and making friendships with other parents going through the same thing we are!

March 2013

Once again I forced Harper into ridiculously cute photos - this time for her 7 month birthday.

For lack of content, I did a post about everything.  Harper rode in a shopping cart!

We had a great Easter with more photos

April 2013

I helped celebrate my sister-in-law's upcoming arrival with a little nautical-ish baby shower 

Harper Kate was dedicated, and all of our family was there to celebrate

I shared a pretty vulnerable post about one of my new-mom insecurities, venturing out in public by myself with Harper.  You all were so kind in your uplifting comments.  Glad to say that fear has long passed! 

Things started to green up around these parts

May 2013

Harper started wearing shorts, since they were about all that fit her short and stout frame!

On April 30th, our sweet nephew Isaac was born!

Harper played outside

I wrote a long post about our updated savings plan, post kid and SAHMness.  Check it out if that's you thing!

Tony and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary

Harper turned 10 months old and got in a basket (poor kid, endless posing by mama.  which, has now stopped, as she doesn't stop)

June 2013

In another vulnerable post, I discussed my feelings on being a stay at home mom - the good and the bad.  The real.  And again - you all were amazing in your comments.

We then went to the lake with Mikey and Kacy and had a blast in the sun!

Harper started to look more like me (and also still totally like Tony!)

July 2013

A tree crashed through our fence, giving me nightmares for weeks, but making me happy my dad taught us well in how to do things the right way the first time (our fence was sturdy!)

We went to Knoxville to celebrate summer and the 4th!

Then we hit up the redneck mecca of Dollywood

Then we swung by the lake again for a festive private concert and some nice relaxation with friends

Then Harper turned ONE YEAR OLD!  crazy. 

We celebrated with a DIY popsicle party

I reminisced on Harper's first year of life (which looks awfully similar to the photos in this post!)

I shared Harper's total weekly and monthly photos (a huge undertaking, it seemed each week, but so glad I did it!)

I then shared our hall bathroom makeover - still proud of that one!

August 2013

We spent the days soaking up the sun

We got some wonderful family photos taken

I did a one-week digital detox like I do every year (which was spent at the beach!)

Harper started her first day of "school" (a one day a week Children's Morning Out).  She wore shoes and a backpack.  I cried on the inside.

September 2013

I finally got around to updating about our Beach Week, which was splendid.

I shared how we donate Harper's old clubfoot braces to Miraclefeet

I wrote a post about our 2 year long church small group, since it was ending, and couldn't even adequately put into words how much those people changed our lives.  Also, we make lots of kids.

October 2013

We survived the Whole30 and lived to tell about it!  Which I did so, in two posts...

Part I

Part II

I lost a lot of weight and we felt good!

Harper started crawling and dancing and being joy personified

We picked a pumpkin

And dressed up for Halloween

November 2013

I updated on how we were doing one month post Whole30

I looked back on how my perspective on money and house and having it all has evolved over time

Then Lucy Ann was born!

I wrote a Clubfoot Files post about how far we had come and how I worked on not worrying about delayed milestones like crawling and walking.

I threw my sweet friend Kirsty a vintagey girly baby shower with lots of burlap and pink and mint.

December 2013

I made a few small crafts in December, including a baby block ornament

And a blooming monogram

And our family Christmas card

Then we celebrated our first real Christmas as a little family

So there you have it!  2013 in a blog nutshell!  It was a great year, and we can't wait to see what 2014 holds!

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